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Critical Roll Bowling Supply, is Atlanta's first (in many years) and premier standalone bowling supply location. The operators have over 20 years of combined drilling expertise, and a passion to help every bowler's game. We would love to welcome you into the shop, check out the latest equipment and even grab some of your own specs off our stub lane.


Until our final location is fully built, we've secured rented time in centers across the Greater Atlanta area.

Image by Jorik Kleen
Therapy Ball


"You can't out-bowl a bad fit." We've all heard the saying. Few of us take the time to ensure our fit is accurate and up to date. Stop by and we'll do a complimentary look at your fit whether you're a new customer, or this is your 10th ball from us.

Image by Ray Reyes

Equipment Selection

Struggling to carry those pesky corner pins? Let our trained operators take a look at your arsenal, map out your layouts and watch you throw a couple balls to help make the best recommendation to take your game to the next level.

Woman Bowling

Stub-Lane Practice

While we might not be in a full bowling alley, we have a brand new stub lane for you to get some practice on. Execution is the most vital part of bowling. Let us help you clean up everything behind the foul line.

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