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Build Your Own Ball-Bag-Shoe Combo

Pick 1 of each item type
Choose a Ball

Plastic: $65

Any ball up to $74.99

Plastic Balls

Entry Reactive: $105

Any ball up to $114.99

Entry Level Balls

Mid-Level Reactive: $130

Any ball up to $149.99

Mid-Reactive Balls
Choose a Bag

1-Ball Standard Tote: $30

Any tote up to $39.99

Standard Totes

1-Ball Premium Tote: $45

Any tote up to $54.99

Premium Totes

1-Ball Roller: $75

Any 1-ball roller up to $89.99

One-Ball Rollers
Choose a Shoe

Basic Athletic: $45

Any shoe up to $54.99

Athletic Shoes

Premium Athletic: $65

Any shoe up to $74.99

Premium Athletic Shoes

Entry Performance: $100

Any shoe up to $114.99

Entry Performance Shoes

Savings Up To $75!
Incl. Grips & $15 off Drilling

Critical Cleaning Club


  • Cleaning + Finish of Your Choice

  • Monthly Light Resurface 

  • Bi-Monthly Full Resurface

  • Quarterly De-Oiling

Save even more when you buy with your new ball!

Revivor Sonic Cleaner
Haus Machine
1-Ball Package
$7.50/Month w/New Ball
3-Ball Package
$20.00/Month w/New Ball
6-Ball Package
$32.00/Month w/New Ball
12-Ball Package
$52.50/Month w/New Ball

Packages are bought on a 3, 6, or 12 month rolling basis, and are tied to your account.

Packages coupled with new ball purchases receive an additional 25% discount.

Package redemptions are not tied to a single ball, but a bowler. Package works as a punch card regardless of ball receiving maintenance.

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